TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor
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Model: TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor
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Product Description:
The TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack is certainly one of the most innovative pieces of exercise equipment that we have ever seen before . the essential parts is that it provides a very basic ,extremely effective system to get you into stronger ,leaner ,more flexible muscles . and since you don’t have to use any machinery or weights ,you can work your muscles through a fuller ,more natural range of motion .
More information about it :
Can be used by anyone who want to work out – from beginners to more advanced fitness buffs .
simply attach the anchor to any elevated fixture and you are ready to get in a great workout
Set up in less than a minute , so you can squeeze in quick , power-workouts throughout the day .
comes with 65 minutes of exercise instruction on a DVD and a mesh bag to carry your TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack in .
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